Being a Guardian Home is an excellent opportunity to have a top breeding quality, Montana Sky Labradoodles, as a member of  your family. Guardian Homes must be within 60 miles of Lakeside Montana and have someone at home in the daytime, and also  be able to transport your dog to our home for  breeding and delivery and to vet appointments related to reproductive testing.

  A Guardian Home is a family that takes one of our specially picked breeder puppies, at no upfront cost, for your family.  The  Guardian Home raises, loves and cares for the puppy just like normal, while Montana Sky Labradoodles  retains ownership  and breeding rights. After the dog's breeding career is over it is spayed/neutered,  and ownership is  transferred to the Guardian family to keep as there forever pet. 


 During the dogs breeding career Montana Sky Labradoodle pays for anything related to breeding including all reproductive and  health testing (related to reproduction) for your puppy. The guardian home pays for the day to day  expenses of having a dog  including food, immunizations, parasite treatments, training, grooming, toys, etc.

 We are a small in home breeder, and we believe as soon as one of our breeding dogs can have a forever home the better.  

 That's where our Guardian Homes come in. They provide a loving, nurturing environment.

 If you are interested in being a Guardian Home please fill out The Puppy Application and call Sheila for more

 information at 706-260-7491